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With Every Customer and Every Aspect of Our Work

Enhance Your Curb Appeal in WV with Landscaping by Hillcrest

We enjoy our customers. We enjoy making our customers happy. We even enjoy seeing our customers repeatedly. What neither our customers nor us enjoy is the need to do work over. This means you can count on Landscaping by Hillcrest to get the job done right the first time. This attitude is especially true in two different areas of our work: Plants and Products.

The marketplace for home improvements and landscaping is one where placing the right value is very important. Plants show us the importance of working together with nature to enhance the beauty of a place. Homes and businesses appreciate the best choices, whether it is plotting out perennials or adding colorful touches at various times of the year. We have earned our growing reputation by providing consistent and dependable service.

Having the right vision also helps our customers as we install the right products around their home and business. From lighting, to paving blocks, these are objects that are made to last, so we have to get it right from the beginning. We have actually built our reputation with every installation job we have done over the last 30-plus years. Our appreciation for our customers speaks for itself. Call Landscaping by Hillcrest in the Barboursville area for an estimate at (304) 743-3033 today.